S/V Wild Haggis

S/V Wild Haggis
Our New Home

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We did it!

Monday, 22 March 2010: we loaded up the last of the whittled down items to take aboard the boat and left Asheville for the last time for awhile. Hard leaving Taylor behind in her newly set up apartment. Easier knowing we would see her in 2 weeks for her birthday-her first time on the boat. Easier still knowing the wonderful friends we were leaving behind would be surrogate parents if she needed them. Bless your hearts, you know who you are!

Jim and Scout arrived in Oriental first- even chugging along in the '78 Land Cruiser packed to the gills. Cameron and I came later in our rental, having stopped off in Greensboro for a farewell lunch with my mom and sister and having missed one exit as eyelids threatened to close permanently!

Jim had the boat opened up, lights on and Scout aboard when we arrived. He was having a sunset beer in the cockpit and one was waiting for me. The marina that will be our home through May was beautiful with sailboats swaying in the breeze. The water was gorgeous and I knew then that no matter what else happened, I would never grow tired of this sight each morning when I first peeped out of the boat

We had already decided that first night would be a no work night. We would not unload our things until the next day so we could enjoy relaxing in the comfort of our new home before bringing total chaos aboard! We walked to a local restaurant for a yummy seafood dinner ,walked back and had the best night's sleep in at least a year!